Edit scenes in the Timeline

Zoom in/out the timeline
Spread or pinch the timeline with two fingers to zoom in and out for easy editing of video clips and markers.
change the order of scenes
Touch and hold a video clip on the timeline until you see the sequence moving screen. Reorder them by dragging them to the desired location, then press the OK button.
move markers
Touch and hold the marker, then drag it to the desired location.
For assets that overlap in the same location, move the marker up and down to adjust the exposure order.
Duplicate, trim or delete
Tap a video clip or marker to do any of the following:
•Duplicate: Tap         button.
Trim: Place a red center line on the part you want to cut and tap        button to trim it, or drag both ends to trim it
Delete: Tap        button to remove it.
编组 22_3x.png
编组 25_3x.png
编组 23_3x.png