Video Speed Controller

Video Speed Controller – Speed Up or Down a Video

With Vlogr’s Video Speed Controller, you can easily speed up or down the video. Slow-mo videos are great for adding a dramatic effect. And high-speed video can increase viewers’ concentration if used properly. You can adjust video speed to 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, and more for free.

How to use speed controller

  1. Add video clips or video elements Choose videos or photos from the album that you want to add (clip). Or, on the Edit page, tap the ‘element’ button – ‘album’ button to add videos or photos as an element (element).
  2. Change the speed Tap the video clip on the timeline or the video clip on the canvas, then tap the speed button. And adjust the slider to the desired speed.

Use Speed Controller


Yes—and it’s super easy to do! In this case, you will select the higher speed settings (for example, 1.5x or 2x). All it takes is a few clicks!

Absolutely! And you don’t have to download the YouTube video yourself. You can use the “Youtube importer" plug-in built into Vlogr. simply paste the YouTube link onto the URL field. Vlogr will upload the video for you into the editor. When you’re done, you can download the YouTube video as an MP4 file.


Vlogr makes me a creative video editor. Never thought myself to be creative but with Vlogr I’m making creative videos. You can create vlogs, game videos, and marketing videos. It saves me a lot of time and gives more flexibility by not having to hire an external video editor.


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